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Customer Service

We might be Christians, but our true religion is the provision of excellent customer service to our customers and clients. Contact consumers quickly. Collect debts based on legal compliance. Use new automation to connect with debtors quickly. Handle customers and clients with tender loving care. Additionally, when it come to services, we want our customers to know that we stand behind our products. There is a big and stable company standing behind the products and services they buy. Above all else, the Lord Jesus Christ is the driver of choice.

We believe the mission of our business the provision of superlative customer service:

Computer & Technology Assessment

Installation and administration of Computer System

Free Demonstration and Evaluation of AlexiaHtC Software

Purchase of AlexiaHtC Software

Affordable Training

Technical Support

Annual Maintenance

What Can AlexiaHtC Software do for you ?

AlexiaHtC Software helps agencies enjoy the various benefits:

Possibility of a truly 100% web-native software

Opportunity of capitalizing on a vertible Windows and CARD Electronic collection system

Help in prospecting for new clients and customers

Profit Control and Management of Information

Decrease in Labor Costs

Decrease in Software Costs

Alexia EMR

The 100% Web-Native, Electronic Cards, and Windows Application for Consumer Debt Collections and Settlements

The solution, the best solution, to the problem stipulated above is AlexiaHtC Software. Without much ado about nothing, here comes AlexiaHtC Software, the compliant, intelligent, smart, and spiritual bill collector, who is bringing the common-sense crusade of compassionate and legal debt -recovery to America. AlexiaHtC Software looks familiar like a typical Microsoft Windows Office program; the program has a floating and dockable GUI, graphical user interface.Information, menus, and menu items are at the user’s fingertips; the user stays on the same main screen all day long and all night long.

10 Reasons You Should Dump Your Paper Charts or EMR/EHR for AlexiaHtC