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AlexiaHtC is a new and affordable iEHR,Internet electronic health record, for healthcare facilities. The name of thesoftware is AlexiaHtC.


AlexiaHtC is a new and affordable iEHR,Internet electronic health record, for healthcare facilities. The name of thesoftware is AlexiaHtC. HTC stands for healthcare traffic control. Alexia is thename of a tenth grader who is a votary at the shrine of the Virgin Mary; shehas a childhood dream to become a pediatric neurosurgeon; she commiserates withthe plight of the modern-day physician, so she had prayed to the Mother of Godfor an Internet electronic health record, a web application for healthcare.

Infact, AlexiaHtc is the brain child of the US healthcare reform of 2010, whichresulted in the passing of The Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act.For ease of deployment, the web application is divided into two levels: level 1or ordinary level and level 2 or advanced level. Essentially, level 1 consistsof practice-management activities, incorporating medical billing; level 2 oradvanced level integrates practice-management activities with an intelligentand smart electronic health record workflow.

Philosophically, AlexiaHtC is adeliberate solution to the limitations of desktop programs. Scientifically, ourmethod of doing healthcare business is antithetical to the desktop programmingparadigm. Artistically, our culture of innovation is discordant with the ethosof desktop technology. For this reason, we do not plan to work on a desktopversion of AlexiaHtC.


The billing module of AlexiaHtC managesyour entire revenue cycle effortlessly: superbill submission, charge routing,claim processing, payment handling, debt collection, and report management.


The iEHR module of AlexiaHtC managespatient-protection activities at the point of care, including registration andappointment.


The telemedicine module of AlexiaHtCleverages video and audio-visual technologies to manage patient visits distantfrom the healthcare facility.



The pharmacy module of AlexiaHtCutilizes a SureScripts-certified engine to provide e-prescribing functionalityto prescribers at the point of care and everywhere on planet earth. Inaddition, the robust pharmacy web application supports internal or main pharmaciesand outside satellite pharmacies.


The transcription module of AlexiaHtCmanages the functionality of medical transcription with the facility of easygrace.

The laboratory module of AlexiaHtCmanages outside and inside laboratories.


The radiology module of AlexiaHtCsupports a myriad of radiology workflows. For one, a radiology concern can useour web application to serve the referral needs of many primary carephysicians. Besides, by using our web application, a primary care physician canreceive results directly from the radiology office.